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Whatever the Father of Illness1Welcome to Culinary Tidbits, which is all about nutrition and healthy living. This site is devoted to offering simple, inexpensive, nutritious alternatives to the SAD way many of us eat. SAD (Standard American Diet) is a term coined by nutritionists to describe the current sad state of eating habits and other lifestyle issues.

This way of life including but not limited to overindulgence in junk food and screen entertainment has had all too obvious consequences. The mushrooming problems of obesity, heart disease and cancer, to name a few, are far too prevalent not to take seriously.

It is my strong conviction that good nutrition lies at the very heart of how to be healthy. The problem is though that there is so much profit in the corporatization of the whole realm of food supply. Much of this has, unfortunately, been used to fund powerful advertising campaigns, which are in essence self-serving. Hence, it is very difficult to separate truth from hype.

Yet, in the midst of all of this there is an ever-growing groundswell of returning to tried and true, simple, traditional, eating habits and lifestyles. More and more of us are discovering how to be healthy and happy by paying attention to how we live, especially what we eat. The biggest challenge facing us is realizing that the ultimate health costs of convenience foods far outweigh the increased time and effort in preparing nutritious foods.

Culinary Tidbits is also dedicated to uncovering how the food giants have pulled the wool over many of our eyes in the lucrative business of filling our supermarkets with cheap imitations of real food. One does not need to look very far to see the devastating effects this has had on the last couple of generations!

Join us in exploring, not only how to be healthy and fit, but how to thoroughly enjoy doing so. Good eating habits by no means need to restrict us from striving to prepare and enjoy delectable cuisine.

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  6 Responses to “All About Nutrition And How To Be Healthy”

  1. Looks good!

  2. Love that quote! Very nice site, too.

    • Thanks Lisa. Yeah, the quote really grabbed my attention when I saw it and it is so fitting for what I try to make the theme of the site.

  3. You’ve got a great site here, Jim. You’re a straight shooter, and I can always count on you to give it to me straight. Keep up the great work! :-)

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